Capital Campaigns

Churches and faith-based organizations often struggle to match funding with their vision. As a result, many faith-based organizations come to a Design Group International™ senior partner, like David S. Bell, looking for help to grow their operating budget or to develop their next capital campaign. Capital campaigns require heightened energy, focus, volunteerism and funding. Good consultation is a way of bringing needed leadership for this temporary surge of activity. 

Capital campaigns also require a specific and regimented process. A consultant makes sure that the process is designed adequately. This process needs to be followed if the campaign is going to achieve its goals. In most cases, a consultant is more capable of providing the needed nudges to keep the campaign going and to achieve success. 

Three primary attributes distinguish Design Group International™ partners and consultants from their peers:  

1. Every campaign is custom built to fit with the local congregation or faith-based organization. Design Group International™ does not offer a proprietary method or a recombination of pre-designed modules. Design Group International™ helps each community design its unique process so the campaign reflects their vision for serving God. 

2. Design Group International™ services extend beyond the campaign, not just during the excitement of the commitment period. 

3. Customization means Design Group International™ can adapt and troubleshoot as a campaign progresses. Unforeseen circumstances do erupt, and the flexibility of the Design Group International™ network of experts provides additional assistance. The result of this collection of expertise means Design Group International™ also assists faith-based organizations and churches where previous campaigns did not achieve their desired goals.

Capital Campaign Frequently Asked Questions