“Excellent workshop – I will change my life!” 
Donna H., Christian Educator, Chattanooga, TN

“Outstanding presenter. Time well spent.” 
Rev. James R., Senior Pastor, Chicago, IL

“Very helpful! Eye opening!  Full of practical applications!"
Greg S., Executive Director, Ames, IA 

“Awesome speaker – never lost my interest!”
 Kim V., Real Estate Investor, Reno, NV

“High energy, witty, focused, prepared. Best seminar!” 
Timothy L., Marketing Executive, New York City, NY

“Great speaker; relevant topic; good use of media.”
Larry B., Church Business Administrator, Corpus Christi, TX

“One of the most beneficial consultations I have ever attended!”
 Natalie J., Development Director, Greensboro, NC

“Best ever, comfortable, educational, energizing, great!” 
Kevin C., Leadership Chairperson, Toronto, ON