My Most Popular seminars . . . 

Beyond Fundraising: Developing a Year-Round Culture of Generosity
- Gain a deeper theological understanding of Christian stewardship
- Discover some “best practices” for effective year-round stewardship
- Build on congregational assets to cultivate generosity
- Engage in peer learning by discussing various case studies 

Earn, Save, and Give All You Can: Stewardship in the Wesleyan Tradition
- Gain a deeper theological understanding of a Wesleyan stewardship perspective
- Examine the current socio-economic trends impacting giving
- Discover some congregational stewardship “best practices” in the Wesleyan tradition

Encouraging the Joy of Generous Giving: A Call to Financial Discipleship
- Gain a deeper theological understanding of Christian stewardship
- Discover the key church leaders’ spiritual role in cultivating generosity
- Examine the current socio-economic trends impacting giving
- Experiment with “best practices” for effective year-round stewardship 

Good Sense Budget Course and Counselor Leader/Teacher Training
- Become a trained facilitator of Good Sense Ministry
- Learn biblical financial principles, budget basics, and money management
- Develop a God-honoring personal spending plan

Hyperconsumerism: Marketing to Today’s Youth and a Christian Response
- Examine the money messages that children learn in early childhood
- Discover the growing marketing efforts targeting children and youth
- Learn about the effects of product placement advertising and buzz
- Establish Christian stewardship starting points for impacting
- Advocate for the Parents’ Bill of Rights 

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees: Helping Children Practice Christian Stewardship
- Gain a deeper theological understanding of Christian stewardship
- Examine everyday messages children learn about money and possessions
- Develop teaching methods encouraging children to be generous givers

Overcoming the Money Fear Factor in Church: Practical Tips on Talking about Money
- Most people and churches never seem to have enough of it! 
  Yet, money continues to be a feared subject with many pastors and
    church leaders. 
- Discover the important connection between faith and money
- Learn some practical tips to address the hyperconsumerism culture
- Point the congregation toward being a community of generosity
- Cultivate financial discipleship among all generations 

Practicing the Discipline of Giving: The Annual Financial Campaign
- Gain a deeper theological understanding of Christian stewardship
- Learn the fundamentals of an annual financial campaign
- Discover the key motivators to charitable giving
- Discuss the spiritual aspects of annual financial campaigns
- Establish a variable annual campaign cycle for your church

Tic-Toc Race Against the Clock: Setting the Pace through Time Management
- Explore the reality that we are adopting busier lifestyles
  despite having more time management devices and services
- Discover the place of contentment and Sabbath in daily life
- Learn the Theory of Constraints and the impact of multitasking
- Evaluate your current workload and set your “internal clock”

Visioning: Recognizing God’s Abundance
- Move from a negative cycle of scarcity to a positive cycle of abundance
- Engage in an active learning process by exploring five asset areas
- Create asset maps for strategic visioning and goal development
- Learn the techniques and facilitation skills to lead asset mapping

Presentation length is adaptable. 
Other topics are available upon request.
Some presentations consist of multiple sessions.
Presentations are customized for the specific audience.